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BLM in the Post-Industrial City: Notes from the Frontlines

Please join us on Saturday, April 3, 2021 at 3:00 PM (Arizona time) for the “BLM in the Post-Industrial City: Notes from the Frontlines'' Session of the Human Rights Film Festival! The first featured film, Charm City, delivers an intimate portrait of citizens, police, community advocates, and government officials on the frontlines during three years of escalating violence in Baltimore. The film highlights the various complex social issues that the communities face on a daily basis, while also showing the positive actions that are undertaken by groups and members of the community, who optimistically work to put an end to the epidemic of violence. The second film, The Free State of George Floyd, documents the events that took place during the months following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers, which sparked a nationwide uprising against police brutality and global movement for racial justice. For over 200 days, neighbors and community defenders have reclaimed the street where George Floyd was murdered, referring to it as the “Free State of George Floyd”. 

ASU Assistant Professor Mako Ward will moderate a panel discussion that includes ASU Associate Professor Rashad Shabazz, community defense liaison for George Floyd Square–Marcia Howard, Co-founder of the George Floyd Global Memorial and lead caretaker of the George Floyd Memorial–Jeanelle Austin, and two-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Marilyn Ness. Attendees can participate in the discussion through the Q & A feature.

If you would like to join the session and learn first-hand the racial injustices these communities face, as well as the ways in which they work to overcome their struggles and fight for their lives and the lives they have lost, please RSVP at this link


Session Schedule:

3:00 PM        Welcome to the "BLM in the Post-Industrial City: Notes from the Frontlines"                               Session of the HRFF!

                        Showing of Charm City

                        Showing of The Free State of George Floyd

5:00 PM         Panel Discussion

6:00 PM         Conclusion of this session


View the trailers for the films below!

Charm City