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2015 Human Rights Film Festival

The 5th annual Human Rights @ ASU Film Festival

Mark your calendars for the event: April 17 - 19, 2015

Armstrong Hall

Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law

ASU Tempe Campus

Please join us for a weekend of stirring films and thought-provoking discussion!

Arizona State University’s Human Rights Film Festival seeks to explore human rights issues though film, as well as to honor filmmakers who share a vision of a more just world through awareness and action. During its five-year history, the HRFF has highlighted a diversity of human rights themes, both domestic and international, from torture and war, to immigrant rights, to gender and racial discrimination, to rights of access to basic services, to indigenous rights and the right to a healthy and sustainable ecology.

The HRFF seeks to increase awareness about the full range of human rights challenges, so that students and community members are able to think critically and feel empowered to engage with social justice. Each film is accompanied by an expert panel -- consisting of filmmakers, activists, scholars, and/or practitioners -- who guide the audience in exploring the topics and clarifying promising actions in defense of human rights.

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Film Festival Events

Friday 4/17 
2:30 PM Healing and justice after Liberian civil war
Camp 72 (76 min.) 
5:00 PM Indigenous rights and extractive industries
Oil and Water (78 min.) Standing on Sacred Ground: Profit and Loss (57 Min.)
Saturday 4/18
2:00 PM Kara rights and culture in Southwest Ethiopia
Omo Child: The River and the Bush (86 Min.) **WINNER** Audience Choice: Best of the Fest
Kara Women Speak (9 Min.) 
4:30 PM Preserving indigenous homeland in San Francisco
Beyond Recognition (27 Min.)
6:00 PM Social Media and the Syrian Revolution
#ChicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator (74 Min.) 
Sunday 4/19 
2:00 PM Evacuating Vietnam
Last Days in Vietnam (98 Min., Academy Award nominee)